To Miketsu-kuni Shima city from Ise shrine

You can enjoy national park luxury tour to go around venue of G7 summit in 2016. The tour start at Ise shrine Geku, and then to go to Futami-okitama shrine.
Ise-shima area is well known as birthplace of Mikimoto pearl.
Tour include to pick up real pearl experience, and we supply wonderful localmeal in lunch time. Why don’t you go to the luxury tour with us.

Tour outline

Tour tittle To Miketsu-kuni Shima city from Ise shrine
Date Tour will open everyday. Guest will entry when guest want to entry before 10days the tour date.
1 tour for 1 day (max 10 people) , and comes first will be entry first.
Sometime the tour will close.
Let us know the date when you want as soon as possible.
The appointed time and Finish time 09:00 am/05:00 pm
Meeting place/ Dismissing place Meeting place:Ise-shi Kintetsu railway station / Dismissing place:Ugata Kintetsu railway station
Cycling distance 37 mi
Maximum height difference 2296 ft
Tour time 8 hours
Tour level Beginner to expert – sightseeing tour –
Minimum & Max capacity Minimum2people , Max 10 people
Tour area Ise city / Toba city / Shima city
Price 3 people over:¥40,000 per person(+tax)
2 people:¥42,000 per person(+tax)
Tour included 1lunch・snacks・drink・experience fee・insurance・rental bicycle fee・helmet・water bottle ・repair&fix parts(fix a puncture)・rainwear・footwear(for wearing binding shoes) ・taking photo(send a photo data)・support car・interpreter (option)
Not included ravel expenses to appointed place・ a meal other than we supply

About bicycle for tour

※Guest will join with own bicycle


【FRAME SIZE】21 21⁄32in

OLTRE XR.1 105

【MODEL】Bianchi OLTRE XR.1 105
【FRAME SIZE】21 21⁄32in


【FRAME SIZE】20 55⁄64in / 21 21⁄32in


【FRAME SIZE】18 7⁄64in / 19 11⁄16in / 20 55⁄64in


【FRAME SIZE】16 59⁄64in / 20 5⁄64in / 21 21⁄32in

※The bike for tour is rode bike or trekking bike by Bianchi.
※There is a possibility that we might not be able to meet your bike type request because of the number of bike or guest’s height.

Sightseeing spot

Ise shrine

Ise shrine

“Jingu” is formal name of Ise shrine, and popular shrine is “Naiku” and “Geku” in Ise shrine. Ise shrine consist of 125 shrine in Ise-shima area.Naiku is the most venerable sanctuary in Japan. Here is dedicated to Amaterasu-omikami, the ancestral deity of the Imperial family and also the tutelary deity of the nation. When you cross Uji Bridge, the extensive inner shrine precincts of Naiku are marked by a Japanese cypress, which serves as a torii (gateway). The immense grounds, through which the Isuzu River flows, include twelve auxiliary jinjas as well as the main shrine dedicated to Amaterasu-omikami.Geku is dedicated to Toyo’uke-no-omikami. The abundantly green precincts of Geku extend over about 89 hectares. Enshrining Toyouke Omikami, this outer sanctuary is dedicated mainly to industry and food, clothing and shelter. This part of the sacred circuit can feel like a relaxing stroll though dappled light under the trees.

Meoto Iwa

The Meoto Iwa , or wedded rocks, can be seen from the Futamiokitama Shrine. These rocks are very famous and sometimes you can even see Mt. Fuji off in the distance between them!
These sacred rocks are joined by a shimenawa (heavy rope of rice straw) that must be replaced several times a year in a special ceremony. The rocks represent the union of the creator of kami, Izanagi and Izanami, according to Shinto beliefs. They celebrate the union in marriage of man and woman, and the larger rock, which is said to be male, has a small torii gate at its peak.

Meoto Iwa

Futami-okitama shrine

Futami-okitama shrine

In the past, Futamiura was a flourishing place used by visitors of the Ise Jingu to purify their bodies. There are many tourist attractions and
landscapes that invoke the traveling mood on the road to the shrine. Some of these attractions include the Japanese-style hotel. The Hinjitsu Inn, which traces back to the establishment of the Meiji period, and also the most famous spot in Futami, Meotoiwa.

Visit and experience to pick pearl up facility

Mikimoto Kokichi is the pioneer who first succeeded in cultivating pearls in the year 1893.
Now, this area famous becouse birthplace of modern pearl cultivation and some facility supply detailed explanations about pearls and the cultivation of pearls or looking how to pick pearl up.


This betsugu, located in Kaminogo, Isobe Town, Shima City, is a betsugu of Naiku, dedicated to the mitama (spirit) of Amaterasuomikami. The betsugu has been worshiped as the guardian of agriculture and fishery from ancient times. The divine rice fields next to the betsugu are the venue of Otaueshiki, the rice planting ritual (held on June 24) which is famous as one of Japan’s three greatest rice planting rituals, along with those at Katori Jingu (Chiba Prefecture) and Sumiyoshi Taisha (Osaka Prefecture), and designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property by the national government.


We supply delicious local meal with seasonal fresh food for lunch.
※It will change the lunch menu depend on season.

※Temporary café or drink spot sill prepared on the way. Enjoy luxury and comfortable cycling.

introduction of guide staff

Tatsuya Mori
hobby:cycling・playing basketball(former candidate representative player of Mie prefecture)
bike:Bianchi Intenso Tiagra(Mat black)
my special ability:I can bench-press 264 pound.
massage:I’m 29 years old and live in Shima city whole my life.
But there are a lot of minor beautiful sightseeing spot where I’ve never been there.
I’m glad to find the place together. Also I wish to get a seasonal charm of Shima city to everybody on bike. Let’s cycling together in Ise-shima bicycle Journey!

Junki Oyama
hobby:child rearing(I have two kids)・cooking・cycling・football
bike:Bianchi Intenso Tiagra(celeste)
charming point:My father is fisherman in Wagu Shima town especially Ise lobster , but I don’t like Ise lobster and any fish. I would rather eat tiger shrimp than eat Ise lobster.
massage:I supply special experience Ise-shima original to get massage “It was wonderful tour!” from guest. Bicycle Journey is full support type luxury tour nowhere else. Let’s enjoy with us in Ise-shima!

introduction of customer sport staff

Nobuko Nakabayashi
hobby:watching football , snowboading , check out café , travel
charming point:I’ve came to be a bride from Osaka, and now I live in beautiful nature near beach.
massage:I’d like every guest who japanese and other country tourist to feel wonderful neture by Bicycle Journey. It ‘ll be your unordinary exoerience what you experience Ise-shima local culture. Of course , look forward to eat wonderful lunch!!

Mizuki Hamaguchi
hobby:taking photo・joy with cat
charming point:Our family have a cat call Gu-chan from Ise shrine. We often take a nap together.
massage:I believe, this is as good as any tour to enjoy Ise-shima. Have a nice and relax trip in Ise-shima with our parfect support. I look forward to support and serve for you.

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